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Terrarium Setup Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Terrarium Setup photo contest. We thank all the participants for submitting their photos and welcome everyone to keep entering future contests to win!  Click here to participate in our current contest!

First Place - $200 Prize

“Ameerga Pepperi Tank”

Taken by Mike

In Mike's words:
Custom built tank for a group of Ameerga Pepperi poison dart frogs. All live plants, including bromeliads, crytanthus, orchids, billbergia, ferns, begonias, peperomia, anubias, philodendron


Second Place - $100 Prize

“R. Ciliatus”

Taken by Jason

In Jason's words:
A few of my Crested geckos enjoying their terrarium habitat.

Third Place - $50 Prize

“My MataMatas tank”

Taken by Matt

In Matt's words:
My 90 gal paludarium for my MataMata Turtle"

Honorable Mention - Zoo Med T-Shirt!

“Red Eye Setup”

Taken by Cynthia

“Panzer's Tank”

Taken by Briana

“my florida king snake :)”

Taken by Osmani

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