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T8 Coral Blue 460 NM

A special 460 nm blend of phosphors that enhance the blue color spectrum in your aquarium. Ideally used in combination with Zoo Med's Ultra Sun® Super Daylight for amazing blue color of your fish, corals, and invertebrates.

Additional Information:

  • High quality bulbs made in Germany.
Aquatic Lamp Recommendation Chart
T8 Lighting Commercial Spot
Zoo Med's T8 Lighting makes your fish look their best while providing UVA for photosynthetic processes in plants and marine algae. Check out this commercial spot for Zoo Med's T8 Lighting that premiered at ACA's 2011 convention.
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Product Options

Item Number: CB-18
Size: 18"
Wattage: 15 w
Item Number: CB-24
Size: 24"
Wattage: 17 w
Item Number: CB-36
Size: 36"
Wattage: 25 w
Item Number: CB-48
Size: 48"
Wattage: 32 w


1 year

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